About us


Reflex-O was founded in 1985 and prides itself as a pioneer for the fitness industry in Singapore. She started with humble beginnings along-side Singapore's early economic growth in the 1980's with mostly Military, Sports Council and Residential projects. Being the pioneers in developing Singapore's Fitness Facilities, it brought the company valuable experiences and reputation for reliable equipment and after-sales service. Despite being in the market for many years, Reflex-O has never laid on its laurels -  but kept itself relevant by being vigilant for latest trends in Fitness, Wellness and Recreation to better engage end-user experiences and social needs. For example, the company has been working with projects that create immersive fitness studio for our technologically craving young adults and kid while at the other end of the spectrum, addressing the needs of our greying population with elderly and rehabilitative range of equipment, layout planning and smart system

Our Team