Tanita DC-360P Body Composition Analyser w/Column

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    DC-360P Body Composition Analyser with Column

    Dual-frequency body composition analyser with thermal printer and large platform.
    Delivers full body composition analysis in 15 seconds. Results are instantly shown on the LCD display screen and the integrated printer automatically prints the body composition measurements together with a top line analysis. The robust, low profile platform provides ease of use and stability to clients. It offers large data collection and can be stored conveniently with SD card for future uses. Compatible with Tanita Pro Software, DC-360 allows client trend analysis, health risk assessment and full data management.

     Measurement Capabilities
    - Body Weight, Body Fat (%), Fat Mass (kg), Fat free Mass (kg), Muscle Mass (kg), Total Body Water (%), Total Body Water (kg), BMI, Bone Mass (kg), Physique Rating, Visceral Fat Rating, Basal Metabolic Rate (kCal), Metabolic Age Desirable Range Indicator and Bio-electrical Data (Resistance & Reactance).

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