TOGU 400276 Dynair Senso Ball Cushion, Green

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Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion (Blue-Purple)

The Dynair® Ballkissen® Senso - made in Germany - is an inflated and dynamic training tool made of high-quality Ruton. It is a space-saving alternative to an exercise ball and is being used as an unstable surface for back and fitness training. It features a needle valve for regulating the air charge. The Dynair® Ballkissen® Senso can bear a weight of max. 200 kg. The material Ruton is odorless, latex-free, and made of 100% recyclable plastic.

Technical Details:

Size: approx. 30 cm diameter
Weight: approx. 600 g
Load capacity: up to max. 200 kg

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